Hookah Flavors and Pricing

All Hookahs $18.00 per bowl
– One (1) prepared hookah will serve 4 people for one hour.
– Four (4) smoking tips are included (1 for each person).
– Two (2) coals are also included for your experience.

BLUE MIST - A very sweet blueberry flavor with a tingly mint sensation.

STRAWBERRY MARGARITA - A spicy kick behind the lemon and citrus undertones being covered by strawberry.

PIRATE’S CAVE - Most reminiscent of a Lime Margarita

IRISH PEACH - A blend of peach with notes of creamy, citrus, and spiced tastes.

MELON BLUE - Creating a mix of blueberry, mint, a touch of white grape, and melon.

WHITE GUMMY BEAR - An exploding pineapple and citrus mix that perfectly recreates the awesome white gummy bear flavor.

ORANGE CREAM - Reminiscent of an favorite summer treat, the orange creamsicle.

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN - Bursting with an amazing “fresh-from-the-oven” blueberry flavor!

MINT - This mint has a great icy taste and very rich smoke.

TROPICAL MANGO - A sweet, yet tangy authentic mango flavor.

Non-Tobacco Hydro Herbals

(Tobacco-Free and Nicotine-Free Herbal Shisha)

BLUE VIPER - A juicy, freshly ripe blueberry flavor.

RED LIGHTNING - A truly unique and delicious variety of strawberry.

Add $4.00per person If Smoking From 1st Hookah
Hookah Refills $12.00 per bowl
For our members staying with us for several hours, we will re-pack your bowl with the same or a different flavor.
Additional Coals $1.00 per coal